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Green Eco Audit for the Hospitality Industry

Green certification isn't a question of if; it's a matter of when...

Eco Crown Hospitality was founded by industry professionals — managers, operators and owners like you who work in the hospitality and accommodation industry. We created a sub-division, 'Green Globe Hospitality' and a certification program to accommodate, support and implement environmental practices in all aspects of day to day operations. As hospitality professionals we recognize each operating department and every sector in our industry, achieving cost savings and revenue benefits, employee training, marketing & sales while supporting our local economy.

Green Standards

As industry leaders we provide certification that meets the highest green standards, to protect and to benefit our investment while creating a healthy environment and achieving true sustainability for our planet. Our eco-audit incorporates guidelines and practices recommended by the International Sustainable Standard Agenda 21, United Nations, STC, ASTM, ESO 9001/14001 and European Eco Label.

We recognize each individual sector in our industry and their operating procedures and needs. Our certification programs are designed to serve hotels/resorts, B & Bs, restaurants, lodges and vacation homes and their unique identities in our industry.

Established and Recognized

Eco Crown Hospitality's CEO Andrea Spiess served as a keynote speaker and panellist at the International Hotel Conference in Rome 2008 for Environmental Sustainable Development. Andrea will reprise this role as keynote speaker and panellist in Venice in 2009. In December of 2008 we traveled to the Equip’Hotel Middle East in the UAE as speaker and panellist. Eco Crown participated at The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) conference in Vancouver B.C. in 2008 where TIES unveiled the new proposed global standards. In March 2009 we are introducing the 'Green Napkin' certification program designed specifically for restaurants, at the CRFA in Toronto. Eco Crown Hospitality is recognized by leading environmental organizations and businesses as an expert in the Hospitality Industry.

Creating a Financial Surplus

By achieving our 'Bronze' certification award, you can achieve a 13% - 29% savings in your oprating costs which, for a 50 room hotel, ranges in savings from $11,750.00 to $ 26,500.00 (as per location, property and business services).

What is the Certification Process?

  • We provide ease of access — our online hospitality industry questionnaire and 'first' green-monitoring system was created by us — industry professionals.
  • Bronze and Silver awarded businesses should prepare for an unexpected on-site visit from your eco-member auditor to inspect your green-scale, based on the questionnaire responses you submitted. To achieve an Eco-Gold certification, an on-site eco audit is mandatory to verify certification.
  • We provide you with our step by step implementation guide.
  • We educate your staff with our online training program available for you to download.
  • We provide you with eco-monitoring spreadsheets for each operating department.
  • An environmental member representative will guide you through the program.
  • Our support system is available to you 24/7.
  • You will receive incentives & rewards for innovative ideas, products & practices.

Once Approved and Eco-Certified, You Receive:

  • Achieved Award Certification Certificate, window sticker, certification logo for all your stationary and an electronic file for your online business needs.
  • Monthly newsletters from our research department that will keep you up to date with the latest eco-hospitality industry news.
  • Our eco-research department will keep you current with global environmental policies and standards.
  • Enrolment in our supplier program, including discounts from our preferred member suppliers.
  • Enrolment in our online eco-marketing websites, where you receive instant recognition both locally and nationally.
  • One exterior flag to gain immediate local recognition as an 'ECO' Service Provider. (extra charges apply)

Click here to sign up, sign in, and start the process towards green hospitality certification.


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